Relocating TO the Puget Sound Area

Yes! We help with relocation–weather you have a corporate need, or a personal reason for relocating we can help you out. We are also an approved vendor for most corporate relocation companies, if your company requires you to use a relocation firm.

The biggest thing we can recommend is to research commute times in advance. How long are you willing to commute to work/school? King County has a fantastic commute tool for County residents:

We also have a great tool inside the Northwest Multiple Listing Service that allows us to limit your search by drive time.

After that, other important factors include community’s culture, lifestyle, amenities, crime rates and schools.

Once we have a radius search for you, we can ask questions about the other items and point you in the right direction for your home search.

If you have a home to sell where you’re at now, we can help you find a fantastic agent in your area now for no additional charge.

Relocating FROM the Puget Sound Area
Wether we’re selling you’re home or not, we do offer a worldwide agent referral service. Denver or Dubai, we can help interview and pre-qualify an amazing real estate agent for your new home city!

We’ll conduct interviews, provide references and reviews, and recommendations of 1-3 agents at your destination which you can choose from. All at no charge to you!

Need to head to that new job before your house sells?

We can loan a home security system to help keep your vacant home safe while it’s listed and we’ll do regular spot checks to ensure it’s secure, safe and clean until closing.